SILENCIO est un club privé dédié aux communautés créatives, conçu par David Lynch. De 18:00 à 23:00, Le programme culturel Silencio est dédié aux membres, tout comme les avantages et sessions Hors les Murs. À 23:00, le club ouvre ses portes à tous.
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    From Tuesday to Saturday, Silencio members have an exclusive access to the Art & Events and Cinema programming of the club : concert, film and art videos screenings, thematic talks, performance, show for kids. Eclecticism is at the heart of Silencio programme, a place of creation and dissemination of the French and international contemporary art scene. 
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    From Tuesday to Saturday from 11.pm, Silencio open its doors to all for the clubbing part of its programming.



    Silencio travels for Hors les Murs sessions and goes out to meet its members and creative communities in France and abroad, for major cultural events such as Cannes Film Festival or Miami Art Basel. Events, artist residencies or festivals are also part of these sessions.